2008 Green AMPlified Redefining business as usual

  • 02 Feb 2009 3:09 PM
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    2008 Green AMPlified

    Redefining business as usual

    Are we “Green”? Should we be “Greener”? What is “Green”, anyway? As an agency, we hear all sorts of questions about the Green Movement, from the brands we work with and the consumers we talk to. So we started digging for answers. We asked consumers what they look for from companies, as well as themselves, as they strive to be more environmentally friendly. What we unearthed is a solid understanding of Green, what it is and where it’s going. How this information translates to your business is as exciting as it is essential.

    Green is the color of business
    Over the years environmentalism has taken on many forms and has entered into the business place in a variety of ways. Never before, however, has it been so clear that joining the Green Movement is a sink or swim situation. Going green is becoming increasingly mainstream, with 53% of consumers stating that a company’s social and environmental activities generally factor into their purchase decisions. In order for companies to remain competitive, therefore, they need to begin to address their negative impact on the Earth and work to reduce it. Of equal importance, companies must be sure to effectively communicate their green efforts to consumers.

    We all know that crisis often brings opportunity, and this un- doubtedly rings true for the environmental emergency we are now confronted with. Within the last few decades we have seen Green making its mark in the form of product innovation, alternative energy sources, decreased waste, and expanded recycling programs, among many business practices. Consumers have responded favorably, but have raised the bar and are demanding more. Consumers view companies as large institutions with the financial resources and the power to make significant environmentally conscious changes, and feel it is their moral and ethical responsibility to do so. Many companies are reacting appropriately and are offering consumers what they are looking for. In the end, companies are finding, these changes can be quite profitable. It goes without saying, then, that those companies who are not looking to change, as well as those who are not talking about their efforts, will soon find themselves left behind.

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