High Performance Leadership

High Performance Leadership
This 4-part course teaches how to achieve high levels of individual, group and organizational effectiveness through a blend of leadership, management and teamwork. The training emphasizes key principles of leadership including personal accountability, accountability for others, and the proven link between emotional intelligence and leadership success. It is ideal for professionals in a leadership role that lack formal management-leadership education and training.

Participants will gain new knowledge, skills, actionable tools and strategies to manage and lead with more competence and confidence. The agenda includes discussions about best practices and trends, such as understanding the critical role today’s manager plays in attracting, developing and retaining great talent.

One-on-one coaching is provided for each participant, to include feedback from online assessments (pre-requisite). This personalized feedback will relate to individual working-leadership style and EQ competencies such as self-awareness, interpersonal skills, empathy, social responsibility, stress management, impulse control, flexibility, and decision-making.

The structure of the course is a powerful blend of classroom instruction and exercises, peer interaction, one-on-one coaching, and self-paced online training tailored to individual needs.

Key Topics:
  • Principles and practices for successful leadership and management
  • Discovering your personal talents, motivations and leadership style
  • Recognizing and relating to others’ styles and motivations
  • Strategies and tactics for effectively communicating and influencing across the organization
  • Strategies and tactics to grow and sustain employee engagement
  • Building, leading and managing high performing teams
  • Performance management, talent development and succession planning

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