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  • 01 Sep 2012 10:55 AM
    Reply # 1062309 on 1021252
    I'm only a novice with WordPress and wionrkg my way through the steps you've outlined. Definitely the most comprehensive I could find! And it was going really well, until I got to page 3 and hit a brick wall with this Step: Save your site’s includes files to the mythemes folder. Open your site’s header file and save a copy in the mytheme folder. Call it something that differentiates it from the original and indicates that is from your existing website. For this tutorial the existing file is called logo.php, we’ll call the new one is site_logo.php. It can be anything as long as it makes sense. It’s best to name these files without a hyphen because WordPress will see that in a different way. The files should be in the theme folder, not in a subfolder. I honestly have no idea what includes files are or if that's a typo. From the context of the following paragraph, it kinda sounds like I'm supposed to take my existing website (not in WordPress) and import copies of it into WordPress. Is that correct? These first couple sentences are a bit confusing Open your site’s header file and save a copy in the mytheme folder. Call it something that differentiates it from the original and indicates that is from your existing website. My header file is already saved in mythemes. But then it mentions differentiating it from my existing site, which makes me wonder if the .php header, footer, etc files are supposed to be my current website. The current site is in HTML. Can I import html and still have this process work? Or am I not supposed to touch my existing site?Background: I'm in the midst of building a rather extensive site for a company, and just need one of the navigation tabs to access a blog. That's all I am trying to integrate with WordPress. I really thought this would be a simple embedding & skinning kind of process. Am I even on the right path here or am I smoking crack? Should just link out to a separate WordPress site with a similar look/feel?Sorry for the long question. As I mentioned brick wall.- rob k
  • 02 Sep 2012 10:33 PM
    Reply # 1063067 on 1026090
    too bad statue of liitmations. Well, its Florida's fault. They should be held responsible. In the meantime another state is involved and we can latch on and then Florida can do their job. Think they are doing anything? HaHa And And can I get the material to do it, NO. And where is the money for victims of fraud well its gone Maybe to illegals??????I had houses all over the place, and now that I am learning how to get them with nothing down the newer ways, now none cheap to be found.Anyone want to go together and both of us can get a deal?
  • 03 Sep 2012 12:56 AM
    Reply # 1063139 on 1024536
    Thanks Omani I appreciate your vote I hope you'll get to Dublin for the awrads they were fantastic craic last year and no doubt Damien will pull something amazing out of the bag to top it this year anyway, we need a few oldies there! oops, I mean mature and experienced types!
  • 03 Sep 2012 1:36 AM
    Reply # 1063147 on 1025529
    that would be so cool! i would love one for my mom&dad or my sister or my hsanubd. hard choice!Congrats! Drop me an email and I will get you your prize. You have 72 hours to contact me before I pick another winner.I will be back in the morning with another post!~Thanks for stopping by!~~Angie~
  • 03 Sep 2012 1:54 AM
    Reply # 1063156 on 1024877
    jo, to je1 taky, hele prosimtě nemůžeš se jed hancokut na blog a zablokovat jed IP těch lided, kteřed sem pedšou ty přinejmenšedm nevhodne9 komente1ře? fakt se nedajed čedst a kdo ved, ona by ti za to třeba možne1 i mohla bfdt vděčne1.
  • 03 Sep 2012 2:56 AM
    Reply # 1063192 on 1021252
    RzaRcta,It looks like you have a couple of prleboms. Before I try to answer your questions, I would like to suggest you become very familiar with and use Firebug for the Firefox browser. It's an invaluable tool for seeing the CSS on your site as well as trying out solutions. It doesn't solve a problem but it can help you figure out what's what. Clearing the float: If you have one or more divs that have a CSS float, like float:left or float:right you often need to clear the floats so everything lines up as expected. My usual trick for clearing the float is the put a line break (br) with a clear:both style attached to it. So it could look like br style= clear:both; . A more logical way do this would be to create a CSS class, like clearboth { clear:both; } and attach that to the br, like br class= clearboth . This is a very oversimplified answer and there are loads proper explanations of float on the web.I looked at the your blog with Firebug and it looks like first you should change the #container id by removing the float, making the margin: 0 auto; (this will center the div) and make the width a fixed number of pixels, like width: 940px;.Then make #mainContent's left and right padding 0. You may want to adjust width and left and right padding some so it looks better.Then make #sidebar1 s padding 0.Again, you'll most likely want to refine the width's and left and right padding some so that is looks good.Phew!!! Try that and let us know how it worked.
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