Adnetik Unveils New Leadership Technology

  • 24 Mar 2011 9:43 AM
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    Proprietary Systems Drive Independent Digital Media Trading Desk

    BOSTON… Adnetik unveils the latest product under the Audience Investment Management (AIM) system:  AIM Index. According to Edward Montes, CEO of Adnetik, AIM Index solves the difficult task of identifying, targeting, and valuing inventory to maximize performance and brand safety without the use of cookies.  

    AIM Index ensures the performance of an advertiser’s investment in digital media by categorizing the inventory seen within the exchanges on the basis of 35 proprietary attributes. These attributes include (partial list):

     Size of Page

    Page Layout Number of Graphical Units
    Number of Video Units Size of Ad Units Number of Ads Above the Fold
    Number of Ads Below the Field Total Number of Ads Units  Keyword Relevancy

    “They key to successfully invest in advertising is to harness data that is unique to the advertiser or process information that is unknown to competitive buyers and combine it with the relevance of the Web property where the ad is placed,” added Mr. Montes.

    What makes AIM Index unique?

    • Cookie-less optimization
    • Industry and client specific URL portfolio management
    • Ability to manage millions of URLs vs. DSPs that can only manage thousands
    • Ability to expand reach by implementing URL modeling to create white lists from past performance data
    • Uphold brand safety standards by implementing black lists to ensure that ads do not appear on inappropriate sites
    • Ensure ads are delivered in a fully transparent environment


    “Adnetik is committed to developing technology that maximizes the performance of an advertiser’s investment in media. We do not just overlay our services on top of someone else’s technology. Service will always be a cornerstone of our company as will technology. The proper balance of both ensures we maximize our clients advertising assets,” concludes Mr. Montes. 

    About Adnetik

    Adnetik, formerly a division of Havas Digital, became an independent digital media-trading desk in December of 2009. The company has established operations in six countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain and Brazil. Using real-time bidding Adnetik’s Audience Investment Management (AIM) AIMs to maximize the performance of an advertiser's online audience investment by trading media and data assets between portfolios of advertisers and publishers in order to efficiently distribute each ad impression on behalf of each advertiser.



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