Griffin York & Krause Leads Region in Healthcare Marketing Awards

  • 23 May 2012 1:46 PM
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    At the annual conference for the New England Society for Healthcare Communications (NESHCo), Manchester, NH-based marketing innovation company Griffin York & Krause (GY&K) was the winningest agency, receiving 16 awards for excellence in healthcare marketing and communications for its work developed for five hospital and healthcare clients throughout New England.

    “As an agency who works on everything from soda to barbeque sauce to lottery tickets to healthcare, we certainly understand consumer marketing,” said Travis York, President at GY&K. “In healthcare, we’ve been able to stay ahead of the trend towards consumerization through innovation.”

    GY&K was honored for its work with clients including Stamford Hospital in Stamford, CT; Eastern Connecticut Health Network in Manchester, CT; Bristol Hospital in Bristol, CT; Catholic Medical Center in Manchester, NH and Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth Lebanon, NH.  Awards were presented for categories including website development, logo design, collateral materials, outdoor and print advertising, design and development of external periodicals and direct mail, production of special events and the execution and management of a social media campaign   and the artistic design for a vinyl wrap on a hospital vehicle.

    “We’re very excited to have been recognized as one of the top agencies for healthcare communications,” said Pat Griffin, Chairman and CEO of GY&K.  “We were in the company of some of the most well-known agencies and hospitals throughout New England and I couldn’t be more proud of our work.”

    The 16 awards presented to GY&K include:

    • GOLD: Stamford Hospital The Mommylogues Online Advertising Campaign
    • GOLD: Stamford Hospital The Mommylogues Billboard and Transit Advertising Campaign
    • GOLD: Stamford Hospital The Mommylogues Campaign with Total Marketing Effort of $50,000+
    • GOLD: Stamford Hospital The Mommylogues Blog
    • GOLD: Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth’s CHaD Storybook Ball Direct Mail
    • GOLD: Eastern Connecticut Health Network Better Being Newsletters
    • SILVER: Bristol Hospital Bariatric Advertising Campaign
    • SILVER: Eastern Connecticut Health Network Cancer Institute Newsletter
    • SILVER: Catholic Medical Center Wine & Beer Tasting Special Event
    • SILVER: Stamford Hospital The Mommylogues Website under $100,000 Total Budget
    • AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: Catholic Medical Center Bariatric Billboards
    • AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: Bristol Hospital Bariatric Television Advertising
    • AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: Eastern Connecticut Health Network Oncology Campaign
    • AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: Stamford Hospital The Mommylogues Logo Design
    • AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth’s CHaD Storybook Ball Table Design
    • AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: Catholic Medical Center Wine &  Beer Tasting Direct Mail Invitation

    The most decorated program was Stamford Hospital’s The Mommylogues, which won six awards. The interactive online community juxtaposes a group of ‘moms’ who had delivered at Stamford Hospital with an ever-growing group of ‘OB experts’ comprised of OB physicians and nurses. Together, the collective voice showcases real stories with the real clinical expertise, offering moms and moms-to-be information when considering delivering at the hospital.

    “In collaboration with Stamford Hospital, we’ve been able to stay ahead of the curve by creating a niche community,” said York. “This certainly is the most progressive platform we’ve seen from a provider…”

    In addition to work with Stamford Hospital, over the last several months GY&K has launched a mobile app and mobile site for client Eastern Connecticut Health Network (ECHN) and was named Agency of Record for Dartmouth-Hitchcock.

  • 27 Jul 2012 5:26 AM
    Reply # 1021081 on 928590
    United is only willing to pay for what they get. Bristol Hospital doesn't pvoride top of the line services...they are middle of the road AT BEST, so why the heck should United pay higher reimbursement rates? If Bristol Hosp shapes up and starts providing better services, better quality of care care and have higher standards... like Middlesex Hosp, Midstate Hosp and New Britain Hosp all have, then maybe United would pay more. When I step foot into Bristol Hosp these days, I feel like I stepped back in time 15 years. Not to mention that I NEVER once felt that any employees gave a damn about their jobs and especially not about me as a patient. Most are too busy gossiping or moping around. I usually hear thing like "I can't wait to get out of here" or "This day is never going to end" or sometimes they just plain ignore you and wont even make eye contact. When you go to the other hospitals i've mentioned above, you rarely see this. People are helpful. They actually like their jobs and like being there. They are patient, kind and most of all they pay attention to details! The Doctors at Bristol Hosp are good. The nurses, administration and other staff are terrible. They deserve what they get. If they aren't willing to put in some actual effort and pvoride high quality professional care, then they don't deserve to reap the benefits. Just my personal opinion.
  • 27 Jul 2012 1:50 PM
    Reply # 1021352 on 928590
    , "What Comes Around Goes Around."I don't know Barwis, but he comes across as a whenir. The Board of Directors need to do a better job of selling this place and the only way it will sell is when they have a better product, perceived or real. It would help if they had more "Bristol" people in the executive suites. Right or wrong, Bristol people are suspicious of those not from Bristol. Kurt, welcome to Bristol.

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