When it Comes to Super Bowl Advertising, Allen & Gerritsen Wants to Know: Do You Buy It?

  • 05 Feb 2010 10:20 AM
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    When it Comes to Super Bowl Advertising, Allen & Gerritsen Wants to Know: Do You Buy It?

    Allen & Gerritsen and New England Cable News have teamed up once again for their Super Bowl Meaningful Messages survey.

    Now entering the 7th year of the survey, a&g has discovered a significant gap between meaningful and entertaining Super Bowl advertising.

    According to a&g, in an era when world events have heightened our collective skepticism, there is very little that we "buy" or believe to be credible.
    Bringing this skepticism to the biggest advertising opportunity of the year - the Super Bowl ­ the big question is, what do people ³buy² figuratively and literally?

    What do consumers believe in and what converts a laugh to a sale?

    a&g is opening the Super Bowl ad conversation beyond industry insiders congratulating or mocking each other next Monday. They want to know whether or not you, as the consumer, buy it.
    Do you buy that Weird Science, Flashdance, and Danica Patrick have anything to do with registering a domain name? Does it matter?

    Do you buy the phenomenon of wise-cracking babies championing E-Trade?

    Do you buy Bridgestone's adventure vignettes, including whale-whispering and MadMax like encounters on the road?

    Do you buy the ref's call?

    Do you buy the hype?

    Do you buy it?

    We want to know, tell us on Twitter at #dybi or take the survey.

    Watch Ad Club Chairman and Allen & Gerritsen CEO Andrew Graff on New England Cable News for a Super Bowl preview segment on NECN Business at 6:30 PM on Friday, February 5. Andrew will report the results of the survey on Monday, February 8 at 6:30 PM on NECN Business.
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