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  • 27 Jan 2010 8:51 AM
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    Straight up: Elite advertising booze-schmooze

    Gets it shaken at: Pimped-out conference rooms and swank spots city-wide, like Bond (250 Franklin Street, Boston, 617.956.8765)

    Stirs things up: Monthly, by invite only

    You'll fit in if: You thought Mad Men was a reality show.

    Ill-advised icebreaker: "Sorry, I forgot my cards."

    If you plan to be a player in the local advertising world, consider ClinkedIn your key to the corner office with a view of the bigwigs. An under-30 club established last April by trade organization The Ad Club, ClinkedIn brings together "rising stars" to network with one another and rub elbows with senior executives, says Anand Chopra-McGowan, the Club's 26-year-old director of development. In an industry where social networking (the IRL kind) is key to making "it" happen, this is where ambitious go-getters thicken their rolodexes over stiff martinis and flowing champagne. Yeah, the image of the cocktailing social scenester isn't exactly an unfounded stereotype in this industry: "The kind of person attracted to advertising is usually a social person anyway," laughs Chopra-McGowan. "When we say ‘ClinkedIn,' definitely nobody in the ad industry is confused. It's like, ‘Oh yeah, clinked [means] drinks!' " To maintain the group as an in-crowd assemblage of the young who's who, ClinkedIn requires new prospects be nominated by one of the 50 or so existing members. But Chopra-McGowan adds that, since the still-new organization hasn't yet reached critical mass, they're open to entertaining "up-and-coming talent" who check out the website ( and drop a line touting their assets. You might not get an immediate invite to some of the more intimate gatherings, like this month's cheese and champagne social in a Hill Holliday board room, but as they say in any line of work, it's at least a foot in the door. "We want to keep it a little exclusive, but have a little fun with it," says Chopra-McGowan. Exclusive and fun: it's funny how the ad world always manages to sell itself.

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