Sometimes, Quitters Do Win by Mike Sheehan, CEO of Hill Holliday

  • 04 Jun 2009 3:29 PM
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    Featured in the weekly edition of the Sports, Leadership & Life series

    Sometimes Quitters Win

    Here is a brief excerpt from his story:   “…..I grew up in Weymouth, Massachusetts in the 1960s. It was a place and time when only two sports really mattered – hockey and baseball. I gave hockey my best shot, so to speak, which really wasn’t good enough in a town that many NHL scouts can find without a map or GPS. So at the age of 10, I quit.  I remember being told by coaches that I couldn’t quit because Vince Lombardi said that “quitters never win.”  With all due respect to Mr. Lombardi, I picked up a basketball and started shooting around in the backyard for hours on end..”

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