Killing Kennedy Companion Site Explores the Dual Paths of Kennedy and Oswald

  • 21 Nov 2013 12:01 PM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator) - Killing Kennedy Companion Site Explores the Dual Paths of Kennedy and Oswald 

    Ambition. Failure. Adversity. Love. Loss. Conviction. What forces drive one man to be President and another to become his assassin? That’s the question we sought to answer when the National Geographic Channel tasked Mullen with creating an online companion site for their new movie, Killing KennedyThe Ridley Scott production, starring Rob Lowe as JFK, debuts November, 2013 on the National Geographic Channel.

    In partnership with the National Geographic Channel, Mullen created, a cross-platform, multi-device, scroll-based parallax site that pushes HTML5 to its limits while exploring the two lives at the center of one of America’s most shocking eventsundefinedthe assassination of John F. Kennedy by Lee Harvey Oswald. Featuring hundreds of photos, videos, graphics and statistics, tells the life stories of two men whose lives are forever connected by one terrible moment in American history.

    One truly compelling element of the site experience is a video and poetry reading of Alan Seeger’s Rendezvous with Death.”  It’s a poem of WWI vintage that JFK discovered and, legend has it, carried with him throughout his tour of duty in WWII.  It’s used on the site to dramatize the tragic intersection of Kennedy and Oswald. The haunting voice reading the poem is legendary folk singer Pete Seeger (Alan’s nephew). 

    On the site, we brought a decidedly modern bent to a classic American story, building faux-3D scenes with parallax techniques, wide explorable panoramic takes on classic photographs, historically-appropriate audio, and deep dives into historical archives with incredible videos like Marilyn Monroe's classic "Happy Birthday" rendition and the live-on-TV assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald in the basement of the Dallas Police Department.

    The site syncs with the movie during live airings allowing the viewer to have a second-screen experience that goes deeper into the story. 

    For more information:

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