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  • 28 Feb 2012 2:50 PM | Deleted user

    Van Wagner Communications is ranked by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (“OAAA”) as the largest privately held out-of-home media company in the country; and the fourth largest overall.

    With more than 40 years of out-of-home media experience, Van Wagner is an entrepreneurial company with a broad range of business lines, known for its creativity and boldness, as well as the high quality of its displays.

    After entering the Bus Wrap business in 2010, Van Wagner now sells an inventory of more than 50 vehicles through franchises in Boston, Washington D.C., San Francisco and Las Vegas. These oversized, spectacular displays travel highly desired routes through city centers and neighborhoods with limited advertising alternatives.

    In addition to their Bus Wrap group, Van Wagner operates roughly 5,700 advertising displays in major urban centers across the U.S., as well as the largest aerial media business in the world, a leading sports and entertainment group, an experiential marketing group. In 2011, Van Wagner was awarded the exclusive rights by the City of Boston to sell advertising on the New Balance Hubway bike share program.

    Van Wagner is very proud to become a Trustee Member of The Ad Club, and is looking forward to fully participating and engaging in all opportunities. 

    For further information on Van Wagner, please contact Robert Crawford at

  • 28 Feb 2012 1:29 PM | Deleted user

    Are you a student interested in interning at the world’s premier experience marketing agency? Think you’ve got the game to kick the competition? GPJ and The Ad Club want to see it! GPJ will be announcing the Student Brand Experience Competition Thursday March 1st. 

    This is your chance show your stuff while working with your team to promote an international brand! The winning team of up to 3 students will each receive a paid internship, as well as a cash prize!

    The "kicker" is that we can’t say who the international brand is...YET. Follow us @TheAdClub using #IveGotGame for more details!

  • 16 Feb 2012 4:25 PM | Deleted user

    The New Currency: Attendees and Analytics

    February 16, 2012
    By: Kristin Andreotes


    On February 6th, the marketing power players of financial services discussed how to reach and regain trust of the new “iWant-It-All” customer that is changing the banking landscape forever. The below recaps the attendee demographics and psychographics as well as analytics from the microsite.

    232 professionals were in attendances, with 34% coming from finance-focused companies, including 12% from investment firms, 9% from banks, 8% from insurance companies, and 5% from financial services companies. Agencies accounted for 30% of the audience, Digital Companies represented 18%, and Media Firms were 11%.

    Geographically, 84% of attendees were from Massachusetts – with 56% from Metro Boston and 28% from Outside of Boston. New Yorkers also had a presence with 14%.

    Attendees were most commonly Directors (23%) and VPs (20%) of their respective companies, most commonly coming from the Marketing department (27%) or Senior Management (21%).

    Throughout the day, there were 196 tweets sent out using the event hashtag #AdClubFinance. The keywords most commonly seen throughout the conversation were “financial,” “new,” “currency,” and “consumer.” Names and companies of speakers were also used throughout the dialogue.

    The website, from January 1st to February 9th had 1,690 visits, 1,015 unique visitors, and 3,425 page views. Marketing efforts, such as email blasts and newsletters, accounted for almost half of the site traffic. Direct traffic represented 40%, and Search Engines and Social Media accounted for the remaining 11%. Site visits spiked drastically when marketing and social media were utilized.

    Our typical events pull in an audience dominated by agency and media professionals. This event, however, pulled in a drastically different demographic with high-level financial executives not only speaking, but attending as well. And while the website didn’t see as much traffic as our usual microsites, the attendance was higher than originally projected, meaning these professionals learned about and registered for this event through a means other than the microsite.

  • 15 Feb 2012 10:28 AM | Deleted user

    The New England advertising community lost a good friend on Thursday, February 9. Paul McDermott, who was Executive Director of the Ad Club for much of the '60s and '70s died peacefully, we're told, at the age of 76, after enduring Parkinson's Disease for many years.

    I have good memories of Paul, whom I met in 1955 when we both freshmen at Boston College. He soon disappeared from BC, though, and I didn't see him again until around 1960, when I had begun my advertising agency career at Doremus & Company. I thought I'd like to learn something about public relations and publicity and took a class in it. So did Paul. At the time, as I recall, he was doing some press work in the political world. (Oh, Paul was always very political.)

    Paul, I learned, had left BC to go to BU, which was where he graduated. We shared a joke over the years, a lie actually, that we had gone to Harvard together. Unfortunately nobody ever believed us, but we had fun with it.

    As Executive Director of the Ad Club (this was before the position was elevated to President) Paul was the key person in some pretty formative years for Boston and New England advertising, as the industry grew increasingly more professional and the Hatch Awards grew from an annual luncheon at which seven or eight category awards were handed out to the gala event it became during his tenure.

    We are in your debt, Paul, and will miss you.

    - Terry MacDonald


  • 13 Feb 2012 12:03 PM | Deleted user

    The NON-Event: Attendees and Analytics

    February 13, 2012
    By Kristin Andreotes

    The Ad Club’s first-event NON-Event brought over 140 people to Microsoft’s New England Research and Development center. The breathtaking venue, incredible presenters, and award-winning creative work truly made the night a huge success, but the analytics and attendee data also show the success in bringing buzz for a new event, and within a newer audience.

    Typically, we see the majority of attendees coming from agencies and media companies, but the audience was unique for this event. 43% of professionals in attendance came from agencies, while 36% represented various non-profits, including arts & entertainment focused organizations (14%), youth organizations (11%), and healthcare organizations (8%). Media companies represented 13% of attendees and professional services companies (i.e., printers, law firms, staffing, etc.) represented 8%.

    Geographically, over half of the audience came from companies in Boston, with 37% coming from Boston Proper and 16% coming from Greater Boston (including Allston/Brighton, Somerville, and Cambridge). 19% of companies were from West of Boston (i.e., Newton, Waltham, etc.), 12% were from South of Boston (i.e., Dedham, Dorchester, etc.), 10% from the North (Andover and Lawrence), and 6% from outside Massachusetts (including RI, NJ, FL, OH, and VA).

    Throughout the day, Twitter was abuzz with tweets and retweets about the event. The key participants were @TheAdClub, @rifoodbank, @nailprovidence, @allengerritsen and @guttmacher. Keywords heard throughout the conversation were “congrats,” “best,” and “partner.”

    From a digital perspective, we also looked at the website analytics. From November 1st to January 31st we received 3,419 visits and 1,929 unique visitors to the NON-Event microsite. Site traffic typically came in directly, by marketing efforts, including email blasts, accounted for 38% of traffic to the site, and social media brought in 13%. Visits were also highly influenced by email blasts and newsletter postings, as seen through the spikes in traffic on particular dates.

    The goal of this event was to truly highlight the incredible non-profit creative work and partnerships. Based on the high number of non-profits at the event (36% versus a typical 5% of attendees at other Ad Club events), and the large spikes in views throughout our marketing efforts (including email blasts, Boston Globe advertisements, email blasts through non-profit organizations, and newsletter inclusion), the event caused buzz amongst this new audience.

  • 10 Feb 2012 3:20 PM | Deleted user
    Former Executive Director of The Ad Club in the '70s, Paul McDermott, passed away on February 9th. He is praised as having taken the organization to a nationally respected organization during his term as director. The service will be held on Monday, February 13th at St. Cecelia's Parish in Boston.

    McDERMOTT, Paul Richard 76, of Newton passed away peacefully on February 9. Beloved husband of the late Nancy King McDermott of Newton. Loving father of Kara McDermott Horgan and her husband Jonathan of McLean, VA, and Douglas K. McDermott of Brighton, MA. Beloved grandfather of Bronwyn, Conaire, and Lorelei Horgan of McLean, VA. Survived by his sister Miriam M. LaCroix and her late husband Harold of Hingham, Margaret M. Taylor and her late husband Paul of Hingham, and James and Diane McDermott of Cambridge. Brother of the late Martin McDermott of Quincy. Also survived by many nieces and nephews. Funeral Mass will be held on Monday, February 13 at 10am at St. Cecelia's Parish in Boston, MA. A light reception will follow at the Sheraton Hotel on Dalton St. in Boston. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research,
  • 01 Feb 2012 12:23 PM | Deleted user
    Attendees of the latest Ad Club CMO breakfast, featuring L.L. Bean Chief Marketing Officer, Steve Fuller, couldn’t help but turn their heads as they walked through the doors of 1 Memorial Drive. Idly parked on the side of the street was none other than a giant boot.


    Yes, a giant boot…with four-wheel drive.


    Enter the Bootmobile and some of the marketing initiatives that have driven (ah, we love puns) L.L. Bean from an idea in 1912 to a worldwide corporation netting approximately $1.5 billion in sales.


    Like several great CMOs, Steve kicked off his presentation with a story, one that featured hardship and perseverance. Leon Leonwood Bean was an orphan, who never made it past high school but possessed a genuine passion for the outdoors. It was his passion and unrelenting drive for quality customer service that enabled him to build L.L. Bean.


    As they look back and celebrate 100 years of business, Steve and his team wished to highlight the company’s roots, ones that he claims are the fiber behind all new and established marketing initiatives. In order to share that story, he broke it down into three different lenses: uniqueness, relevancy, and community.



    Steve consistently recognizes L.L. Bean as a service company and one of his biggest worries is the company becoming a commodity rather than an experience. L.L. Bean features real employees in catalogues and commercials and historically has depended on phone and in-store service to turn customers into L.L. Bean lifers. 


    While the apparel company is revamping their website and establishing more of a mobile presence, there are a few unique projects that will help them stand out and highlight 100 years of excellence. Look for a brand new L.L. Bean Tarp to cover Fenway Park during rain delays, and when it’s sunny and the Red Sox are out of town, head to Fenway for an outdoor discovery class. Finally, once you’ve picked up a new skill, indulge in some Muddy Bean Boots ice cream (vanilla, caramel, and bits of brownie) to top off the day, a treat they hope arrives by summertime. 



    L.L. Bean prides itself on customer relationships, something that is a little more complicated to accomplish over the web than in person. But as the Bean employees go to work building new communication channels like blogs, online rating and review platforms, social games, and more to keep the Bean ecosystem connected, they look to stay relevant in communities across the world.


    In addition to addressing emerging technology growth such as mobile commerce, the company has donated $1 million dollars to the National Parks Foundation for youth programs, yet again, echoing the passion of L.L himself for nature and immersing oneself in it.



    Have you ever considered learning how to fly fish or trap shoot? L.L. Bean will teach you how through one of its many Outdoor Discovery Schools. This is just one of many ways L.L. Bean extends beyond a simple commodity and acts as a common thread among life enthusiasts.  


    Steve Fuller and his giant Bootmobile packed the Microsoft NERD center and enlightened the crowd on 100 years of rich L.L. Bean history while giving us a glimpse of the things to come. When the talk concluded and it was time to leave, there was but one thing to do.


    Discover Something.

    A special thanks to Steve Fuller and Microsoft for allowing us to host a memorable CMO breakfast.

  • 21 Dec 2011 2:16 PM | Deleted user
    Article posted at:

    #1 Thing You Need to Learn from This Post:
    Non-profits and their creative partners can gain great exposure by entering The Ad Club’s Non-Profit Awards. Entries are due January 6, so get a move on!

    A More Detailed Description:
    With the holidays approaching, you might not be thinking of January yet, but you should. The Ad Club, a hundred year old organization, is hosting the Non Event at the Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge on January 25. To be eligible to win an award, you need to submit your entry/entries by January 6.

    The Non Event Awards are open to all non-profits and creative teams working to help non-profits from across the country. Categories include Best Advertising Campaign, Best Social Media Campaign, Best Use of Television, Best Use of Out of Home, Best Use of Print, Best Use of Radio, Best Use of Digital/Interactive, Best Website, Best Brand Identify System, Best Publication or Brochure, Best Self-Promotional Video, Best Fundraising Campaign, Best PSA, and the Non-Profit Partner of the Year.

    So starting thinking now about the work you’ve done this past year and schedule time to submit your work by the January 6 deadline. With the number of categories, you have a great chance to shine a bright light on your great work at the awards ceremony and resulting press coverage. I’ll be there, since CauseShift has joined as an event partner.  Best of luck with your submissions!

    Learn more and submit your work here.

  • 22 Nov 2011 9:28 AM | Deleted user

    Trustee Dinner Wrap-Up
    November 22, 2011
    Kristin Andreotes

    Twice a year, The Ad Club welcomes all Trustee members to an event to wine and dine them, and of course, to thank them for all their support. November 7th was no different as we welcomed our Trustee members, Board of Directors, and the incredible team from WGBH who sponsored and hosted the event. Sipping wine in the Yawkey Atrium, the conversation was lively and you could hear throughout the room new introductions as well as colleagues reminiscing.

    Kathy Kiely approached the podium about an hour in to welcome the crowd, which included CEOs of top advertising agencies, Presidents of media companies, and VPs of top New England brands. Kathy then brought WGBH’s Jamie Parker and Suzanne Zellner who reviewed the goings-on at WGBH, from a mobile presence to digital channels, as well as the famous people who have graced the very room we were standing in, including Adam Sandler and Vanilla Ice for their upcoming movie “I Hate You, Dad.”

    Jamie and Suzanne then invited Arts Reporter for Greater Boston, Jared Bowen, to the podium only after reading off his impressive bio – including two New England Emmy Awards for his arts reporting and several Associated Press Awards. Jared started off by reminiscing about his dinner with Emily Rooney and her father Andy Rooney, who’s passing occurred only a few days earlier, and was why Emily unfortunately could not attend that night. Jared continued his presentation discussing the amazing art that exists in Boston, including MFA’s new Contemporary Art wing and the Peabody Essex Museum’s new $650 million advancement campaign.

    As the presentations concluded, the amazing setting and intimate crowd allowed for conversations amongst everyone. In one corner, you see the CEO of Pod Digital Design speaking with the CEO of Continuum. In another, you see the CMO of Dunkin’ Donuts chatting with the CEO of PJA Advertising. It was this atmosphere that provided for a lively night of great introductions, great conversations, and ultimately a great way to say thanks.

  • 12 Oct 2011 11:29 AM | Deleted user

    Words of the Day: 51st Hatch Awards
    October 12, 2011
    By: Kristin Andreotes

    Last Thursday, over 800 attendees joined The Ad Club at Seaport World Trade Center in Area 51, in honor of the 51st Hatch Awards. Those in the room, and even those following along via social media, joined the conversation as the awards were announced and as the celebration began.

    The below word cloud is created by all tweets using the #AdClubHatch hashtag that night. “Tonight” and “Awards” were the terms most commonly used, understandably, and there were also some “Congrats” and “Great” directed toward the work and winners as the awards were presented. The key folks contributing and being mentioned in the conversation were @theadclub, @toteabowl, @ctpboston, and @mullenunbound.

    Congratulations to all the winners of this year’s Hatch Awards. It was a great night of honoring the best creative and we look forward to 2012!

    Word cloud created using Wordle

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