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20 Mar 2012 1:16 PM | Deleted user
I've been seeing a lot of material around the Presidential campaigns over the last few months, and increasingly more now that President Obama has begun campaigning in earnest for reelection. The purpose of this blog is just to point out a few observations, which, regardless of your political affiliation, you'll find interesting.

Like most American men, I'm a sports junkie. That being said, I absolutely had to fill out a bracket this year for March Madness. Which, of course, requires hours of watching Sportscenter to prepare for, days of viewing celebrity and expert brackets online, and a whole lot of pretending to know what you're talking about.

So when I saw the opportunity to pit my bracket against Obama's, I had to do it, if only to fill out just one more bracket. Although the page looked different when you could still submit a bracket, check it out here to get an idea of what I'm talking about.

The first thing I noticed on the site was how much thought, work, and probably opinion polling went into it. You'll notice the picture of Obama in the background (still there in the current version of the page) is the President shooting hoops, looking rather normal. The larger background picture, featuring Obama along the right side is conspicuously missing a coat, a common theme to his 2008 campaign, which hasn't reappeared much during his Presidency.

Now here is where you note the brilliance of this "campaign". Sure, the pictures are subtle and subconsciously convey a calming feeling with the blue coloring; the images convey a normal man who likes basketball, and the verbiage is colloquial; meticulously designed I'm sure. But the brilliance here is in the actual submission of your bracket. You put your Name, Email address, and zip code into the form to submit your bracket. And trust me, they're not asking for your email to notify you if you win. I've been emailed by both Obama and Biden already (addressed to "friends" by the way). Once you submit, you're also redirected to a page to donate to the campaign. Well played!

What an extraordinary example of social media being used in cross platform promotion. All the relevant network buttons are located prominently on the bracket page. Obama's campaign has taken something as trivial as picking winners in March Madness, and used it to drive a following of 25 million "likes" to a page that essentially asks you for your email address and what state you live in. Then, he goes on Sportscenter and promotes it; all the while humanizing himself as an every man.

Love him or hate him, you've gotta admire this example of engaging with fans. It sure impressed me. Seen any other examples of innovative outside the box marketing around the campaigns this year? Tweet me your favorites @GreggOberg or to @TheAdclub.

Thanks for the read, I'll be posting my observations of marketing and advertising periodically, so look out for my "Daily Ramblings"!


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