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06 Mar 2012 3:53 PM | Deleted user

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I got a really thought provoking email from Ad Club Entrepreneur member Babson College, asking me to “define entrepreneurship.” All of us will say that we know what an entrepreneur is, what one does, and be able to point one out. But in actuality, could we define entrepreneurship? Would it be a definition that we’d all agree with?  It occurs to me that there are as many different definitions of entrepreneurship as there are entrepreneurs.

Babson College wants to redefine what it means to be an entrepreneur, and they want the world to help them do it. Their new site, Define.Babson wants you to help determine the new definition of an entrepreneur. The site poses the question: “Technology has evolved. The economy has shifted. The world has changed. And today’s entrepreneurs do more than just start businesses. The world needs a new definition of entrepreneurship. We’re writing it here.”define.babson.edu

I honestly had to sit and think for quite a while on this question. Sure, I can give you plenty of great examples; Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, the guy who runs the pizza place across from my apartment (and does a damn fine job might I add), but can I find one definition that crosses all these people and explains who they all are?

So here is what I came up with. “Entrepreneurship is about doing what you think is right, when you think its right, regardless of the consequences, results, expectations, or risks. This definition, I believe, truly encompasses all levels of entrepreneurship, from the inventor starting out against the world with his product, to the revolutionary fighting convention, to the investor putting his money where is mouth is. Ultimately, an entrepreneur is less of a person and more of a personality trait. We’ve all got it, just in different shapes and sizes.”

Agree? Disagree? Thing I’m just crazy? I know there are those of you that fall into each of these categories. So tell the world what you think it is! Be part of this “survey”, if you will, and let the world know what you think it means to be an entrepreneur.


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