The NON-Event: Attendees and Analytics

13 Feb 2012 12:03 PM | Deleted user

The NON-Event: Attendees and Analytics

February 13, 2012
By Kristin Andreotes

The Ad Club’s first-event NON-Event brought over 140 people to Microsoft’s New England Research and Development center. The breathtaking venue, incredible presenters, and award-winning creative work truly made the night a huge success, but the analytics and attendee data also show the success in bringing buzz for a new event, and within a newer audience.

Typically, we see the majority of attendees coming from agencies and media companies, but the audience was unique for this event. 43% of professionals in attendance came from agencies, while 36% represented various non-profits, including arts & entertainment focused organizations (14%), youth organizations (11%), and healthcare organizations (8%). Media companies represented 13% of attendees and professional services companies (i.e., printers, law firms, staffing, etc.) represented 8%.

Geographically, over half of the audience came from companies in Boston, with 37% coming from Boston Proper and 16% coming from Greater Boston (including Allston/Brighton, Somerville, and Cambridge). 19% of companies were from West of Boston (i.e., Newton, Waltham, etc.), 12% were from South of Boston (i.e., Dedham, Dorchester, etc.), 10% from the North (Andover and Lawrence), and 6% from outside Massachusetts (including RI, NJ, FL, OH, and VA).

Throughout the day, Twitter was abuzz with tweets and retweets about the event. The key participants were @TheAdClub, @rifoodbank, @nailprovidence, @allengerritsen and @guttmacher. Keywords heard throughout the conversation were “congrats,” “best,” and “partner.”

From a digital perspective, we also looked at the website analytics. From November 1st to January 31st we received 3,419 visits and 1,929 unique visitors to the NON-Event microsite. Site traffic typically came in directly, by marketing efforts, including email blasts, accounted for 38% of traffic to the site, and social media brought in 13%. Visits were also highly influenced by email blasts and newsletter postings, as seen through the spikes in traffic on particular dates.

The goal of this event was to truly highlight the incredible non-profit creative work and partnerships. Based on the high number of non-profits at the event (36% versus a typical 5% of attendees at other Ad Club events), and the large spikes in views throughout our marketing efforts (including email blasts, Boston Globe advertisements, email blasts through non-profit organizations, and newsletter inclusion), the event caused buzz amongst this new audience.


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