A Lesson On Brand Purpose From Welch's

01 Sep 2011 12:32 PM | Deleted user

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At the heart of Matt Wohl's presentation at last Wednesday's #AdClubCMO Breakfast with Welch's was Brand Purpose. Those of us in attendance learned the what, why and where of Brand Purpose, and how that fits into Welch's business plan. And now I present you with A Lesson in Brand Purpose, by Matt Wohl.

Brand Purpose: The brand's inspirational reason for being - Articulates a "service" the brand provides and the impact the brand seeks to make in the world.

Purpose = Why | Equity = What

Brand Purpose is WHY a company exists - it's an internal point-of-view.

Brand Purpose Can:

- Inspire people to be part of something bigger
- Articulate a service to people
- Drive and demand action within the organization
- Convey a strong point-of-view
- Fight against something
- Transcend a category
- Stick as a concise and memorable idea (poetry over prose)

Examples of Brand Purpose:

Crayola - We exist to unleash the artist in every child.
Red Bull - We exist to uplift body and mind.
Harley-Davidson - We exist to free people from the cage of convention.

The role of Purpose in a brand's path:

- says WHO the brand is
- says WHY the brand exists
- influences the brand internally and externally
- is an enduring characteristic

How to reveal Brand Purpose:

- Understand your brand's history
- Know your customers motivations
- Articulate your brand's essence
- Find what your brand values and believes

The key takeaway:



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