Who's winning the battle of the bathroom?

26 Jul 2011 2:17 PM | Deleted user

Who's winning the battle of the bathrooms?

Let's be real, Original Old Spice Guy, no doubt! Woooo #TeamOldSpiceGuy 4 lyfe!

But, no, not really - it's Old Spice (and Wieden+Kennedy).

Breakdown: Late last week the first New Old Spice Guy Fabio spots were on YouTube, this weekend they aired on TV, and yesterday we saw the promoted tweet: Fabio defeats Old Spice Guy? shake up the Twitterverse. From there, we were lead to a video in which Fabio challenges The Old Old Spice Guy to a duel (duel?), Live at Internet Stadium, which The Old Old Spice Guy then accepted.

Where are we now, about 4 hours into the duel? Well, by my calculations we're in the middle of round 14 (in Twitter responses, that is), and, not to my surprise, the original Old Spice Guy is winning - at least that's what the views, comments, tweets and posts are indicating. Mustafa's videos are receiving a lot more views than Fabio's, and as for Twitter, well, there's no way to say for sure but from what I've seen #TeamOldSpiceGuy (@OldSpice or @IasaiahMustafa) is beating #TeamFabio (@fabiooldspices) - and badly. (The staring contest win was yet another for #TeamOldSpiceGuy).

But let's take a step back.

In the red corner, you've got the reigning champ, Isaiah Mustafa, aka The Man Your Man Could Smell Like, aka The Old Spice Guy. He's witty, outrageous, deadpan, verbose, and quite prolific in his content generation. He made The Man Your Man Could Smell Like one of the most talked about campaigns of last year, and he racked up over 100,000 Twitter followers in the meantime.

In the blue corner, the challenger's corner, you have Fabio, The New Old Spice Guy, an Italian model who's most famous for writing romance novels with titles like "Viking" and "Champion." In his Old Spice videos he, too, is outrageous, speaks broken english, and his hair is equivalent to Mustafa's torso. In the past he's done some acting and he's actually been a spokesperson before (remember I Can't Believe It's Not Butter?), but his roughly 5,000 Twitter followers speak volumes in a battle going down in Internet Stadium.

I think this begs the question, was this ever a fair fight?

My answer, although still speculative, is probably not.

News: Remember when The Man Your Man Could Smell Like campaign was fresh (pun intended)? Mustafa was doing hundreds of Twitter responses, and everyone was asking whether all the Social Media mumbo jumbo actually worked. Well, guess what, it did. So what's the deal with New Old Spice Guy Fabio and the lopsided duel between him and The (original) Old Spice Guy? They're doing it again, but this time, it's head to head, and we get to choose the winner. But no matter which spokesperson loses, Old Spice wins.

Full-circle conclusion:
Wieden+Kennedy nailed it for Old Spice. Garnering something around a quarter of a million views in just a few hours, giving Old Spice fanatics (at least on the Internet) something to get excited about, and essentially taking the internet by storm in a single day AGAIN, they've capitalized/revived on an old idea/campaign that will (and already has) get people talking about Old Spice and their men who you could smell like all over again. The best part about this win (yes, I'm calling it early), is that they've done it without reinventing anything. W+K took a campaign that worked, shook things up dramatically by changing the spokesperson, gave everyone a new reason to take to the Tweets, and added something new - a real-time crowdsourced campaign where fans can actually back their favorites. Where many campaigns might have died, or at the very least lost considerable steam, Old Spice has maintained constant dialogue. Granted they've had their highs and lows - right now being a high - they're not going to let you forget about Old Spice and your scent. Not even for one long-haired Italian second.

What's next: This may be too much too soon, but since I'm already calling #OSGFTW (that's, Old Spice Guy For The Win), I bet they take this bathroom business to the streets, literally this time. Imagine Mustafa responding to people IRL (in real life), live from a porta-potty in the middle of Times Square... Ok, just kidding, but it seems as if the next step in this campaign is to bring it out of the internet and into the real world. I, for one, Can't wait to see how W+K does it.

Thoughts on any of this? Am I totally and completely wrong? Call me out in the comments!


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