The Homepage as The Ultimate Lead Generation Tool: Example, HubSpot

13 Jun 2011 2:44 PM | Deleted user
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Great web design is the best lead generation tool you can give your business...

...and great design doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. A remarkable design creates that warm feeling that connects you to the brand. Good design helps your visitors immediately recognize whether you have what they need.

Over a cup of coffee we decided to give the HubSpot homepage a little makeover.

Why did we choose Hubspot?

1.) They just raised a crap load of money
2.) They know lead generation
3.) We like to pick on the bigger kids :)

In under two hours, our designers at Super Web-o-matic put a fresh face on HubSpot -- the ballers of inbound marketing -- from intimidating and technical user interface to friendly, inviting, and results-centered conversations.

HubSpot, one of Cambridge's most successful startups, offers their thousand’s of clients a platform focused on helping drive leads and make more money. How? A simple answer: more leads + more information on those leads + a better conversation with those leads = more sales. They have generated hundreds of thousands of leads for their own business in just a few years.

So do they really need to improve their own website?

Let’s assume that a better design equates to a 0.5% increase in leads for them. That would be worth it, right? We think so, too.

Many people think of design as pure decoration. If you’re watching the Apple share price you’ll know design is more about how something works than how it looks. Web design, specifically, is about functionality. It’s about making it work.

So let’s deconstruct the HubSpot site and see what parts need a new coat of paint and which parts need a kick in the pants. Let’s be clear, we really love what HubSpot’s doing, we just want to see them do it better.

Here's Hubspot's homepage as it stands now:

HubSpot's homepage is a bit cold. Gradient greys with a uniform font, and very little color throughout. The primary real estate is copy-heavy and the imagery is of a back-end user interface, which feels a little daunting and offers little insight into what's available once you are a HubSpot customer. The font is impossibly small on these images and there is no indication that the interface will generate real results. Little about this homepage suggests that you'll make more money if you pay HubSpot. Even the desired actions -- learn more and free trial -- are small and underwhelming, visually. Ironically, HubSpot’s design is working directly against their lead generation claims. They may not get tons of traffic to their home page (it might be directed to deeper pages) but why take the chance?

Some entrepreneurs dismiss the importance of beautiful design, suggesting that if Craigslist can get away with it so can they.

The truth is attractive things deliver a positive message about performance. There are tons of studies showing that our emotions drive our decisions. Behavioral experts have proved this time and time again.

Here's what we thought HubSpot could do without:

●    Cold, industrial greys and an otherwise dull palate
●    Copy heavy
●    Poor use of imagery
●    Calls to action are visually bland
●    Unclear as to what HubSpot does and why you should pay them

And here's what HubSpot's homepage looks like, Super Web-o-fied:

Our version of HubSpot's homepage deals with these issues head on. We have used the header space, the primary real estate, to spell out exactly what HubSpot does (inbound marketing) and why you should pay them (because you'll make more money). We have used a quirky scientist to highlight a concept that HubSpot is the master of the lead generation tools. This comes across as the winning formula: get found + convert leads = more money. The call to action is clear and bright, letting the viewer know, immediately, how HubSpot can help their business and what they should do to continue the discovery process. For those prospects looking for more information, we added a video case study, which offers some intimacy to testimonial validations and also adds some color. Successes call out specific benefits of HubSpot, and this validation of the brand's strength is displayed in an attractive but not offensive or overly distracting fashion in both the "Featured In" and "Our Investors" areas.

Here's what we added in our redesign:

●    Clear value proposition for potential clients: make more money
●    Clear explanation of HubSpots offering: inbound marketing tools
●    Clearer, brighter call to action
●    Warmer, bolder color palate
●    Fun, cheeky imagery (which has been a huge success with MailChimp)
●    Less copy

More than a logical process, or a system informing design, Super Webomatic's approach evokes a feeling. It suggests that HubSpot is a fun company with an authentic personality. Humor helps bridge a trust gap and warms initial interaction with the brand. This design proves, without words, that HubSpot is a valued brand, that HubSpot values their own brand, and that HubSpot will, in turn, value yours.

We’re nowhere near as successful as HubSpot so who the hell are we to tell them what’s good and what’s not. Maybe these ideas will help, maybe they won’t. Either way we had a ton of fun creating something new and cool.

Keep it sizzling!


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