Bringing a Bit of Color to The EDGE Conference

24 May 2011 2:45 PM | Deleted user
Look at the characteristics of innovators and you find at the root a desire to solve a problem in a way that it has never been solved before. Whether this is the improvement of existing processes or creating and solving for new use cases, there is always risk involved. Normally investors make modest investments in development to seed innovation. In the case of Color, modest is 42 million dollars. 

CEO Bill Nguyen talks about the vision of a next generation location-based service that identifies you by your device, figures out who is operating in your circle and can help track and tell the story of events in real time. 

Color builds your social graph for you. When taking pictures, Color analyzes location, noise and directionality to determine where you are, who you are with and what is interesting. While they have not worked it all out quite yet, they have a very ambitious roadmap that, should they succeed, will change the way that social networks are created and stories are told. 

Chief Product Officer of Color DJ PatilThis summer The Ad Club brings Color to Boston for the first time. The Ad Club welcomes Color's Chief Product Officer, DJ Patil to Boston for The Edge Conference on 6/7 at Royale. DJ is the former Chief Scientist for Linkedin and is responsible for the delivery of many forward thinking, data driven features like the People You May Know, Who's Viewed My Profile, Talent Match and more. DJ will help kick off The Edge Conference with a demonstration of Color. People wlll be encouraged to try the app during the event on their iPhones, iPads and Android devices to get the full experience before he returns later in the day to give a talk on their vision and roadmap. 

We hope to see you the event. In the meantime, please download Color on your iPhone by scanning this QR code. Color should be live on the Android market again soon. You don't even need to create an account. Come ready to help innovate!


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