Simple Tips for College Grads Seeking Job Openings in Marketing and Advertising

10 Apr 2011 6:21 PM | Deleted user
Ah, mid-April. It means a number of things including warm(er) weather coming to Boston, The Red Sox season officially getting underway, and a mad rush of graduating college students scrambling to find full-time jobs as they venture into their professional careers. It can often be a doozy for college students to try and find that perfect job that fulfills everything they are seeking. I figured it might be nice to lend a few helpful hints as to where students looking to break into the marketing and advertising industry can look for jobs.

1. Twitter - Sounds silly, no? But believe me, Twitter is an endless resource of people, marketing professionals in particular, looking to recruit and network. If you know certain companies you would like to work for, go ahead and follow them, and any of their employees (bonus points for finding their HR people) that you come across. Inevitably, job openings often make the rounds on the Twitterverse.

2. LinkedIn - A recent study found that millennials are more apt to turn to LinkedIn than want ads when seeking new job openings. And why shouldn't they? LinkedIn is chock full of professionals in every industy eager to make connections. Again, best practice for LinkedIn involves following the companies you wish to work for, and connecting with their HR representatives whenever possible. You can even subscribe to email updates from LinkedIn for jobs that might interest you!

3. Job Boards - Yes, job boards are still alive and well - and they can be a great resource for people looking for career openings. We personally happen to think that The Ad Club job board is a pretty nice place to start. That said, we're also a pretty big fan of the job listings on Mashable.

4. People - Let's not forget that we our people, and people are really powerful. The interpersonal connections you make with fellow professionals will serve you better than any website. Many jobs simply never get posted, because HR people don't have time to sift through thousands of applicants. Instead, the jobs are simply given to a handful of select individuals who already have the proper connections in place. Talk to your network. See who knows who, and who knows who's hiring. It can get you much further than you might think.

And with that, we wish the graduating class of 2011 the best of luck as they march on into the workforce. 


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