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19 Mar 2011 2:21 PM | Deleted user
Editor's Note: This article was written by Casey Guerin, Executive Assistant to the President & Media Relations Contact, The Ad Club.

For those of us who couldn’t be at South by Southwest Interactive Conference this past week, we can lust after the up-and-coming products and services displayed online with a list of this year’s booths from the Trade Show Exhibitors. A few in particular struck me as perfect complements to the advertising world and could become valuable tools as social media in the business world begins to take off. Here, I’ll describe three products that in my humble opinion could become huge.

HuddleHub, a Boston-based fantasy sports site, provides access to all fantasy team service providers (such as ESPN, Yahoo, and CBS Sports) in one convenient location. In keeping with the social media trend, they are also including a mobile app.

In a sports-obsessed world, HuddleHub seems poised for success. Fantasy teams span all aspects of people’s lives, from groups with friends to those between office colleagues. As much as people love sports, they also love convenience and allowing fantasy team users to access their teams in one location is a major appeal.

On March 13, in the middle of the conference, HuddleHub launched their Fantasy Bracket Challenge to coincide with NCAA basketball’s March Madness tournament. Instead of choosing teams to move through the brackets, users can select players from their fantasy teams instead. The product launch is well timed with one of the year’s biggest tournaments and by having users select players rather than teams, personalizes the experience to HuddleHub’s customers. It may not be an advertising tool but it’s a company and app to keep an eye on.

Ask Your Target Market
Ask Your Target Market is a service that provides tools to organizations to create comprehensive, detailed surveys then send them out to companies’ own e-mail lists or ones created from AYTM’s proprietary U.S. consumer panel.

The set up is simple and self-explanatory, plus the website provides easy-to-understand explanations and a demo video, as well as a “See What You’ll Get” section to outline the benefits.

AYTM is revolutionary because it brings the benefits and insight of market research to smaller companies who may not have been able to afford the service before. Traditionally market research has only been affordable for larger companies but AYTM’s price point works with everyone. It’s a great tool for advertising companies to be able to gauge different demographics for their various clients and make more informed decisions in a cost-friendly way.

What’s Next Marketing
What’s Next Marketing is embracing the trend toward social media expanding in business organizations and making it easier for those just jumping into social media usage. The idea is that advertising and PR are traditionally a one-way conversation, with companies talking at consumers. The biggest change as business shifts is that social media promotes more of a conversation between organizations and their consumers.

This company provides support to connect organizations to their customers and prospective audiences, as well as their clients, through social media such as Twitter and Facebook. What’s Next provides each company with an individual digital strategy executive to handle each organization’s various handles. They guarantee customized and optimized Facebook and Twitter posts daily, with regular updates about their success and how to continue increasing each company’s presence on all of the sites.

As more businesses turn to social media to reach out to their audiences, What’s Next Marketing could be a valuable stepping stone into the arena and provide a strong start for organizations’ presence online.

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