Rosoff Awards: What Does Diversity Mean?

18 Mar 2011 10:43 AM | Deleted user
As we approach the Rosoff Awards, we wanted to take a moment to find out what exactly "diversity" means, being that the word is so often thrown around in corporate settings. But rather than define it ourselves, we turned to Joselin Mane of 451 Marketing and, who is fresh off being named to El Planeta's 100 Most Influential Latinos in Massachusetts, to see what diversity means to him.

The Rosoff Awards Call for Entries remains open until March 31. You can nominate an individual or a company here. All applying organizations will be recognized at the MFA on May 16, just for applying!

Ad Club: The word diversity gets thrown around a lot. What does "diversity mean to you 1. The word diversity gets thrown around a lot. What does "diversity" mean to you? What do you think it will mean five years from now?

Joselin Mane: Diversity to me means variety, perspectives, options which are more of an asset than a liability. For the most part diversity bring with it a different point of view which becomes extremely valuable in business and perosnal relationships.

Being a Dominican American I have been blessed with knowing two different cultures, traditions, languages, etc.

Five years from now the world will be a different place and diversity will not mean what it means today because diversity will be more like the norm.

Ad Club: In your opinion, why is having diversity in the workplace important for companies in any field?

Joselin Mane: Well, because if a company is not diverse they are limited in what the can offer and thus limit their growth potential.

Ad Club: How specifically does having diverse cultural understanding benefit marketers and marketing agencies?

Joselin Mane: Essentially a diverse cultural understanding allows brands to communicate with a wider variety of people.  It also allows for successful campaigns to be repurposed in other demographics thus providing more revenue potential for less the expense.

Ad Club: Many people talk about the importance of a culturally diverse workplace, yet there are many companies who still don't create a diverse working environment. What are some beginning steps that these companies can take to get on the right path?

Joselin Mane: The first thing that needs to be done is research.  Find out the cultural make up of your industry. A business should ideally reflect the customers they serve.  The next step is to proactively seek out qualified candidates that reflect that cultural makeup.  Once those individuals are hired an organization should also proactivity ensure the happiness of those new hires. This can be done in a variety of ways like quarterly reviews, mentorship programs, company wide sensitively training. Over time organizations should celebrate their diversity by planning cultural events that help everyone gain a better understanding of each other.

Ad Club: Are there companies - either local or elsewhere - that you believe demonstrate exemplary diversity practices?

Joselin Mane: Both IBM and Gillette a great organization that I felt thing did well while I was there.

At Gillette, were I worked as a Northeastern co-op, I was exposed to several examples of culturally diverse employees in various levels of management. This was instrumental in developing my career. I was motivated to work harder and smarter so that I could carry on their efforts and become an example for some one else.

At IBM there were several internal groups and events that helped cultivate the diverse community within the organization. They also proactivity participated in several external events and recruiting Career fairs. IBM also had variety of membership programs and management development programs to provide a career path and make sure those talented employees were retained.


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