#WWedsChat Week 2 Recap: Women in Entrepreneurship

04 Mar 2011 11:30 AM | Deleted user
Once again, we had a great turnout to #WWedsChat this week to discuss women in entrepreneurship. When discussing women in the workplace, it is important to consider not only the women who work in corporate settings, but also those who are working independently.

Be sure to check out next week's Women's Wednesdays chat when we discuss women re-entering the workplace. We'll have two more Women's Wednesdays chats leading up to the Women's Leadership Forum on March 21, 2011.

Below is a recap of this week's questions and some of the answers:

Q1: What are three critical characteristics of a successful women entrepreneur?

@caringwise: 3 critical characteristics of an #entrepreneur: Preferring a life of "oops" to a life of "what ifs." Stubbornness.

@smarcelo: A1: 3 things that make the entrepreneur? Hard-work, compassion and networking. #wwedschat 

@ohthatmeg: Brain power, forward thinker & persistence #wwedschat

Q2: What is the most difficult part of an entrepreneur's lifestyle?

@AliPowell21: #WWedsChat- Be prepared as a woman to not be liked all the time and you will give up parts of your life that seem strange to others.

@WendyTroupe: RT @thompsonconsco: Here's a positive - empowerment !!! You control your domain #WWedsChat

@mrswatchdog: Every problem is really just an opportunity. RT @KatrinaKibben What is the most difficult part of an entrepreneur's lifestyle? #wwedschat

Q3: Is it harder for women to become entrepreneurs than men? Why or why not? Does it depend on the field of interest?

@MelissaJTurek: It definitely is harder for women. We have more to prove unfortunately. But stick to your guns, keep your head up & you will persevere! #WWedsChat

@KatrinaKibben: A3 Considering women get less than 4% of all venture capital available... that speaks for itself #wwedschat

@AliPowell21: #WWedsChat- Why don't we hear about women in tech? Well might be because not all womenpreneurs are doing scaleable high tech startups?

Q4: What mentorship possibilities exist for women entrepreneurs? (To help some of those boundaries mentioned)

@laurenkgray: A4; I think anyone can be a mentor to someone, people just need to ask people to be mentors and to ask for a mentorship. #WWedsChat

@ashleyllee: A4: As a student at least, I've learned that women are really enthusiastic to help other women - shadowing, networking? #WWedsChat

@KimberlyACole: You're my mentor @wendytroupe! learning so much @terametric! Thanks #wwedschat

Q5: In which startup categories are women finding the most success in 2011?

@WendyTroupe: #WWedsChat It seems that the consumer sector is always hot for women entrepreneurs

@OhThatMeg: A5: Online ventures & blogging! Believe it or not. It's a great network of women in similar situations learning trial by error. #wwedschat

@laurenkgray: A5: A lot of my female friends are finding great opportunities acros the board, but definitely in media and journalism too. #WWedsChat

Q6: Is there a certain time in a woman's career when it makes sense to leave the corporate world and become an entrepreneur? #WWedsChat

@RSprung: A6: I think if someone feels like they have gotten as much out of a job/industry as possible and wants to be independent #WWedsChat

@amfunderburk1: Q6- I think if someone is passionate and dedicated anytime is a great time to become an entrepreneur! #wwedschat

@WendyTroupe: #WWedsChat Women entrepreneurs should leave the corporate world when they've acquired industry expertise - environment is counterintuitive

Q7: What is the best entrepreneurial advice you have ever received?

@caringwise: Eat right. Exercise. Make sure your family remembers who you are. #wwedschat

@AliPowell21: You are built/born with certain natural positive skills. What are the things holding you back that you need to work on? #WWedsChat

@ksanter: A7: Focus on building/designing a great company, not just a great product (incl. team, capital, culture), get proof points early. #WWedsChat

Per usual, we would like to show our gratitude to our guest chatters who continue to provide their expert opinions and insight: @caringwise, @smarcelo, @wendytroupe and @katrinakibben.


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