Super Bowl Ads By the Numbers

07 Feb 2011 8:39 PM | Deleted user
The ad world, general public, and Twitter were going crazy about the Super Bowl ads from yesterday's game. So much so in fact, that many people probably actually missed the fact that there was a great football game on TV (congrats to Green Bay and Packers fans). 

Many people and agencies have been dissecting the Super Bowl advertisements, so we figured we could help round off the analysis. Below are a some numbers compiled by Clearspring and AddThis.

As you can see, a few core brands saw surges in their search results because of the Super Bowl. Black Eyed Peas led the way, but as for advertising brands, The VW Beetle and Xoom also showed positive search surges. Eminem is also in there for his appearances in Brisk and Chrysler ads.

Chrysler (+1,300%) and PepsiMax (+900%) saw the biggest changes in total searches from the day before the Super Bowl to the day of the game. They were followed closely by and Doritos.

Many brands saw a boost in shares during the Super Bowl. Audi, Thor and Android led the way, while Eminem (Brisk; Chrysler) and [Kim] Kardashian (Skechers) also experienced significant shares during the game.

Finally, many of these same brands also saw a big rise in shares from the day before the Super Bowl to the day of. Most notably, PepsiMax saw its shares grow by about 3,250%, outpacing the competition. PepsiMax was followed by Super 8 (+1,700%), Carmax (1,100%) and Homeaway (+1000%).

Also be sure to check out the results from Mullen and Radian 6's Brand Bowl, where Chrysler took the title of overall winner with more than 32,500 tweets and a positive sentiment rating of +16.5%.

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