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04 Feb 2011 8:00 PM | Deleted user
Editor's Note: This blog post was written by The Ad Club's Event Coordinator, Laura Kinson.

I’m two weeks in and am ecstatic about everything that’s been going on and overwhelmed by everything that I have to learn. Coming on as The Ad Club’s Event Coordinator, I had had some event planning experience in the Boston and Los Angeles areas; however, almost all of this was done with a committee or at least a few other interns to share the burden. 

Diving into the laundry list of tasks to pull off a successful event on my own has definitely been something to get used to. On the one hand there’s the advantage of being the only point person for vendors so that I know everything that’s going on. On the other, though, it means a lot of follow-up emails and calls, filing of invoices in our budget, and so much more that I’m used to having a team to handle.

So far the best part about working for The Ad Club is the team. Everyone in the
office (all eight of them) has been unbelievably helpful and completely open to my silly questions. They’ve hardly made it seem like I’m “the new kid” at all! Sharing my
sense of humor and love of sandwiches, they all also have the same New England work ethic I’m so proud of, so the fit has been flawless.

Our next big events that I’m working on include the Women’s Leadership Forum,
Opening Day, a yet-to-be-named retail event, and The Rosoff Awards. It’s surprised
me how far in advance we have to think about the rest of the year, though, because
I’m also already seeking out venues for Branded in Boston, Media Innovation Day,
and Hatch! Running around the city finding potential venues and introducing myself to every event manager I can find has been such a fun experience, and not one I see ending anytime soon.

The smaller events we hold like CMO Breakfasts and Clinked In have given me a
really good snapshot into The Ad Club’s membership and has encouraged a deeper
interest in the New England-area communications industry. As a recent Emerson College grad I got the chance to meet and shmooze with some industry execs, and now working at The Ad Club gives me even more opportunities to get to know those same people, this time as a colleague rather than as a student!

My expectations have been nicely met, if not exceeded, so far, and I’m eagerly
anticipating being a part of the rest of The Ad Club’s year.

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