Dennis Crowley Checks-In at The Ad Club

08 Apr 2010 3:27 PM | Deleted user
Dennis Crowley Checks-In at The Ad Club

On Monday, April 5th, after a long night out with The Ad Club for Opening Day, Dennis Crowley checked-in with us at the Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge. Wade Roush, Chief Correspondent for Xconomy moderated the talk and all who were in attendance watched history unfold as Dennis shared the origins and future of Foursquare and we all collected the Swarm badge. The Ad Club received an outpouring of feedback on the event and we'd like to thank everyone who blogged, tweeted and shared their thoughts with us.

"What appeals to me about foursquare is that it truly delivers on the right info/right time promise. When you know someone’s physical location, the potential to hit them with relevant messaging just goes through the roof. I’m really looking forward to them releasing an API for us to play with and really happy that so many people in our biz get excited by new technology." - Nicole Berard (Mullen Blog)
"I was once told from a trusted advisor that success happens when preparation meets opportunity — I have a hunch we will all be looking back at this a year from now, reminiscing about our earned “swarm badge” (for 50+ people checking in at the NERD Center at once), and praising the serendipity of Foursquare’s (and Dennis Crowley’s) massive success." - Mike Proulx (Hill Holiday Blog)
"On Monday, a few of us from AMP attended a great Ad Club event with Dennis Crowley (@dens), co-founder of the location based social networking website Foursquare at the NERD Center in Cambridge. I’ve known about Foursquare for a while, but it was a great opportunity to hear directly from one of the creators not only how it started, but where it’s going. With growth rates rivaling Twitter, the 1 million user mark close at hand and a potential $100 million buyout from Yahoo, Foursquare is about to get even more attention in the coming months." - Matt Rainone (AMP Agency Blog)

"A couple days ago, I attended a Boston Ad Club event with foursquare's Dennis Crowley, during which Xconomy's Wade Roush interviewed him on the start-up’s meteoric growth and the rise of location-based social networking. Again, I was somewhat surprised that this type of interview — of a tech CEO by a tech writer — was conducted primarily, if not solely, in person." -Steven Duque (Steven Duque blog)
"Foursquare is not just Dodgeball reincarnated. The badges and points and mayorships are all new, and to hear Crowley tell it, they’re a fundamental part of the service’s appeal, both to players and to potential business partners. And while Foursquare is far from the only social network built around the promise of rewards for local check-ins—competitors include Brightkite, Booyah, Gowalla, Loopt, and Whrrl—it’s fair to say it’s the current darling of the social media elite, not to mention Silicon Valley venture firms, who are competing to invest more cash for equity stakes in the the startup. (There are even crazy rumors that Yahoo is interested in buying Foursquare for a reported $100 million.)" - Wade Roush (Xconomy)

Pictures from the event with Dennis are on our Facebook page and the Twitter stream is still alive under #adclub #4sq. To hear the Podcast of the event and to read a Q&A between Wade and Dennis, visit Xconomy's website.


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