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17 Feb 2010 1:23 PM | Deleted user
There it was.
Right after The Who had finished their Cover Band of The Who act. Right at the beginning of the third quarter.
A 60 second TV spot. For Google.
My thoughts ran like this:
What is this? Google? On TV? WTF?
Google, the darling of the digiterati, the vanguard of the new order, king of the world where advertising in print, magazines and television would be obsolete, where everything would be digital, where brand was a four letter word, where search rankings were the holy grail, where TV was a colossal waste of money because it could not be measured, arbiter of the new world where clients would only market to consumers ready to buy.
Google. One of the Four Horsemen of the Advertising Apocalypse, Keepers of The Sacred Algorithm, tip of the spear of the Digital Revolution.
Google? On the Super Bowl with Bud, GoDaddy and Doritos?
What on earth were they doing there?
Here's what I figured. Google does nothing without looking at the numbers. And the numbers told them this:
Search is passive. Advertising is active.
Search commoditizes. Advertising differentiates.
Search creates measurable clicks. Advertising creates desire.
Search harvests. Advertising sows.
And Bing is starting to crawl up their behind.
Oh, yeah. It's on.
By aggressively advertising, and positioning themselves as a "decision engine", rather than a "search engine" Bing (and Microsoft) have forced Google to blink.
Google didn't advertise on the Super Bowl because they wanted to.
Google advertised on the Super Bowl because they had to.

Bob Minihan, Executive Creative Director/Partner ISM Travel and Lifestyle Marketing
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