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02 Oct 2009 2:48 PM | Deleted user

Melissa Romig
VP Digital Media Director, A&G

As an active member of the Boston advertising community for the last 10 years, I jumped at the chance to help out with this year’s Ad Club Media Auction. This event is so important to the Ad Club, and the Ad Club is so very important to the Boston advertising community that I was happy to help in any way I could. 

Many people may not realize just how much the Ad Club does for the industry here in Boston, but the organization gives back in so many ways, including offering scholarships, internships, and mentoring to the upcoming advertising and marketing professionals. (I’m sure you can remember when you were just starting out in your career, trying to make connections and get into the biz!). In addition, the Ad club runs many major events including The Rosoff Awards celebrating diversity in advertising, The Hatch Awards celebrating creative excellence, The Edge Conference, and The Women’s Leadership Forum. To make all of these wonderful things happen, it costs money, which is where the auction comes in. This is the largest fundraising event of the year for the organization, and the proceeds of the auction go towards all the programming that we all enjoy so much throughout the year.

Now, collecting the donations was only half the battle. Lucky for me, the media partners we reached out to were all-too-happy to help out with this initiative. They recognized that it was a great way to keep the vibrant Boston advertising community going, but also an opportunity to move their businesses forward. Many companies use inventory purchased in the auction as a test – testing new media channels (TV, radio, outdoor, online), running with new vendors they’ve never tried before, or maybe trying paid advertising out for the first time ever. 

We are now in the middle of the actual auction, where agencies and local companies and organizations bid on all the exciting inventory the auction has to offer. Some of the properties have already sold – snatched up early on by enterprising media buyers and marketing folks. But the good news is that there is still some very valuable inventory available that would work towards reaching your marketing and advertising goals. I encourage you to please go online and check it out! Not only will you be securing outstanding inventory at a discount, but you’ll be helping an awesome organization support the advertising community for one more fabulous year.

Check out the auction at http://www.adclubmedia.com


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