03 Aug 2009 11:53 AM | Anonymous
Face to Face Time.

Andrew Graff
CEO, Allen & Gerritsen
Chairman, The Ad Club

People in our industry are emerging from their cubicles, conference rooms and PC screens for some real human interaction.  Some have lost their jobs and are starting out on their own or realize that they need to get out there and reconnect in case they lose their job and need to start on their own.  Others admit they need to learn a new skill (like how to use Twitter for business) or brush up on an old skill to make them more valuable to their boss.  Social networks have their place and provide connections, knowledge and inspiration but putting away the iPhone or BlackBerry to talk to peers and make new connections is the way to build business and remind us why we are in the industry we are in.

At the Ad Club in Boston, we have had great turnouts for our events and classes, a trend that we noticed last fall when our industry started to feel the effects of the economy.   Sure, there are business cards being handed out for those out of work, but there are also many business cards being handed out by promising start-ups and those who are happy to make an introduction to spark another connection.

So, Tweet, LinkIn and Facebook Friend away, but do this in tandem with a face-to- face commitment to one of the many associations and clubs, locally and nationally and globally that our industry has to offer.


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