Crowdsourcing is here, but where it will take us?

29 Jul 2009 1:27 PM | Anonymous

Edward Boches
Chief Creative Officer, Chief Social Media Officer

Imagine this.  You just had a slew of ideas rejected for new mobile telephone campaign you’ve been working on.  But online, you come across a request from another mobile company looking for fresh ideas from the community.  They’re crowdsourcing for content, and you’re sitting on some.  Do you submit the work and try to win anonymously?  Does your client own the rejected work?  Should you never, under any circumstances, participate in a crowdsourcing assignment from a brand that competes with one of your agency’s clients?  Or have (and will) all the rules change?

These are but a few of the many questions and issues that are bound to arise as crowdsourcing becomes more and more popular.  Will creativity become commoditized? Will content creators, individuals and agencies demand more ownership of their ideas so that they can, in fact, offer them up in multiple ways?  How will compensation work?  Will most of what gets served up as content be crap?  Or will the crowd, through its sheer volume, generate better, more compelling ideas?

For me, the real question is this:  Will we continue to use this new technique in the most boring and traditional of ways, simply creating competitions, calls for entry, and gigantic (dare I use the word; it’s not my term) gang bangs?  Or, will we let crowdsourcing inspire us to come up with new applications, products and creative experiences we haven’t even thought of yet because they were previously impossible.

I don’t know if we’ll answer a fraction of these questions, but next week, John Winsor, you, and I can try.

Join us via Twitter, or live at All About Crowdsourcing.  Bring questions; bring answers.  Hey, if we’re going to talk about crowdsourcing, we ought be practicing it, too.
Oh, and while you’re at it, check out one of my favorite examples of crowdsourcing.


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