It's A Whole New Game

07 Nov 2012 1:56 PM | Deleted user

When the office first started kicking around the idea of an Ad Club “sports and entertainment marketing” event this year, I was thrilled. Being a life long sports fan (Lets Go Kings!), the idea of working on an event centered on sports stirred fantasies of listening to local sports legends such as Bobby Orr, Larry Bird, or, dare I say, Tom Brady speaking at an Ad Club Event.

While that would be amazing, I quickly realized I was focusing on the “sports” part and neglecting the “marketing” aspect; which may actually be even more interesting given the time we live in. Sports have existed as long as men have wanted to prove their superiority to each other…so basically as long as humans have existed. But never have we been able to consume sport in the way we do today.

The ways we consume sports is as wide as the world of sports itself. We’ve got social media breaking news of trades before the media, and sometimes before even the players involved know about it. As fans, we can use our mobile devices to stream 24/7 sports, or connect with fans around the globe with tools like Liverpool’s LFC Connect app. Fans are talking to their favorite athletes via social media, and in many cases, the players are even talking back and meeting their fans. And how can we forget fantasy sports (Although I may want to forget this season)? It’s a whole new game out there!

Sports & Entertainment: A Marketing Summit, The Ad Club’s premier sports and entertainment event on November 29th , will explore the fast-changing marketing landscape of sport and entertainment, both on the global and local level. Join fans, brands, and marketers to examine the business, identify opportunities for advertisers, and assess the major trends and issues influencing the wide world of sports + entertainment, media and marketing at The Ad Club’s Sports & Entertainment: A Marketing Summit on November 29th.

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