Rules of Employee Engagement

05 Nov 2012 1:58 PM | Anonymous

Rules of Employee Engagement

According to Forbes, “employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals.” There are many different theories and rules on how to have a successful employee engagement program, and the challenge is figuring out which approach is best for individual companies.

“5 Companies, 5 Different Takes on Employee Engagement,” from gives an in-depth look at different companies and their uses of employee engagement. Each company focused on one very specific aspect of employee engagement instead of a list of rules. SAP AG tried to implement a “shared vision” regarding their employee commuting which led to an increase in “SAPs green commute program.” The companies saw success with their emphasis on particular pieces of employee engagement theories, but I think employee engagement is much longer of a process than just a one-step quick fix.

BI WORLDWIDE, a company that focuses on helping businesses with employee engagement believes that the rules of employee engagement have changed. After extensive research, BI WORLDWIDE has developed ten new rules of engagement that take a deeper look into what makes employees the most successful.

  • 1) Get Inside Their Heads
  • 2) Make Them Fearless
  • 3) Make Money a Non-Issue
  • 4) Give it Meaning
  • 5) Be Boldly Transparent
  • 6) Keel Them Healthy
  • 7) Make it Cool
  • 8) Let Them Lead
  • 9) Magnify Their Success
  • 10) Take it to Extremes

“The New Rules are a contemporary approach stemming from BI WORLDWIDE’s extensive experience in behavioral economics and our latest research into the drive of today’s employee,” says BI WORLDWIDE.

I think the ten new rules cover everything about employee engagement and are a foolproof plan for a successful engagement program. They put emphasis on every aspect of an employee and how to engage them, not just how to "make them happy." Employee engagement is always changing and BI WORLDWIDE'S new rules are the most modern example of this.

For more information on The New Rules of Engagement by BI WORLDWIDE, check out Rodd Wagner, VP of Employee Engagement and Rick Pulito, VP of Marketing Development at The Ad Club’s Under The Dome Event on November 7th, 2012.


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